Tipo: Parkland
Hoyos: 18
Longitud: 6050
Par: 71

Baviera Golf is a flat course characterized by its wide greens with many movements and the great variety of obstacles which offer a big range of strokes and an ideal design for all levels of players.The variety of holes and the unsurpassable views both to the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains contribute to make you enjoy and share an unforgettable day.

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Sáb., 23 Mar 20192 xOneBall Green Fee con 1 x BuggyEUR 124.00
Dom., 24 Mar 20192 xOneBall Green Fee con 1 x BuggyEUR 124.00
Lun., 25 Mar 20192 xOneBall Green Fee con 1 x BuggyEUR 124.00
Mart., 26 Mar 20192 xOneBall Green Fee con 1 x BuggyEUR 124.00
Miérc., 27 Mar 20192 xOneBall Green Fee con 1 x BuggyEUR 124.00
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July 13, 2017

I played Baviera twice in early September 2103. It is a nice course, most of the holes are straight, it is short, almost very short and I would recommend the average male golf player to play it from the white tees (5609 meters) and not from the yellow ones (5330 meters), played myself from both. The course was in good conditions the greens fast. It is walkable even though it was 27 degrees when I played it (bring some water). It has the feel of resort golf. The views from to course are not magnificent. You hardly see the sea even though it is close by the sea. It has a nice club house.

No negative comments.

May 15, 2017

We played this place in November 2013 and he was in a good condition. We have handicap 14 and 28 and both came with it along well. The greens and bunkers are in a neat condition. We ran the place, which is to create good if the hooves are in order

No negative comments.

February 2, 2017

A challenging and interesting course. Reasonably priced by European standards and certainly provided value for money. A lovely looking course with beautiful ocean and mountain views. Some of the holes were quite challenging. The greens were spacious, consistent and quick downhill. The bunkers had proper sand in them, which was a bonus. There are signs the course is looking a little tired and money needs to be spent of repairing and upgrading some of the course infrastructure. Nevertheless it is one if the better course we have played in Spain

No negative comments.

October 20, 2016

We have booked online, which saves 10%, but still costs € 60 (March 2014). The practice facilities are ok, the place in a fairly good condition: to play some uneven haircuts, dry fairways, the greens faster than the putting green, but big and good. The first 9 holes are rather boring from the web 10 is the place but quite interesting to play and nicely landscaped, the A7 is not here any more to the fore. Overall, a place that you can also play several times, but the price is already steep for what is offered. Since the water bottle does not comfort obtained as an encore.

No negative comments.

February 25, 2016

Played this course twice the last two weeks. Course was in great condition especially the areas around the greens were wonderfull to chip from. Caddymaster alsof deserves some extra praise as he was very friendly and hospitable. He also handled some nagging members complaints regarding the fact that I let my daughters drive the buggy on the paths with great professionalism.

No negative comments.

January 4, 2016

We played the course 3 times. The 3rd time I really did not want to, but then participated. Problems: The first time any e-trolleys were available, even though the reservation has been confirmed in writing. We have a Cart (naturally surcharge) taken and I went on foot. The second time we got the e-trolleys: After about 5 holes, the battery was with me all. Since it is about the lowest point. I got the e-trolley again have to carry up to the clubhouse. Grennkeepers did not call, so that the battery could be traveling eye changes. This attitude is somewhat typical ÜR service quality. At the 3rd times we made it to the cart after 9 holes almost back to the clubhouse, where we exchanged the vehicle on your own. In all 3 rounds on the Baviera Course unfortunately we found that 2-er, 3 seater and 4-seater were messed gemischelt cheerful even with strong occupancy flights. This means you are waiting and waiting and waiting and... The bunkers are not raked in general, what is annoying addition. The course itself was not so bad, but the organization is more than deficient. I do not come back.

No negative comments.

January 3, 2016

The first place: The driving range is located centrally on the site near the new (about 3 years old), the clubhouse is modern and best equipped. in southern Spain is not, of course, are often the driving ranges away, and it's no fun to hit there hot. From the terrace you have a beautiful view to the sea, the 10 and 18 The place itself is in good condition for conditions in southern Spain. The tees and greens are in very good condition (all seasons). Taking into account the rules for irrigation in the summer very good and much better than with the neighboring golf course Anoreta. The game is quite possible at all points. The place itself is very fair and both beginners and good players will get their costs as well as white tees are available and the tracks are longer. (Yellow 5326/weiss5600) Surely he is not one that the longest places. The requirements for good players is not so high. If you play with a low handicap, of yellow is the place likely to be classified as easy. The fairways are wide, which is also for players with slice place, All thing so narrow that you should still be careful. Water hazards and bunkers are applied fairly and to avoid or play for players of all levels in most cases. Only lanes 4 and 11 are a little more demanding. The greens keep well, so they can be attacked with a long iron or fairway wood. A round there is relaxed in most cases, and the place is fun. A great place to work out in the German winter. So good again place is so well are the Pros. You realize quickly that here it is once very good players who are capable but not really to detect errors and to correct them. For the German can not spansich it is still one of the major pros only English and the other Pro English and a little German can. For beginners and advanced, it is not sensible to take an hour here (prefer to keep to Hiempro), for the players themselves know what is important and need someone who looks a good swing already over it ok.

No negative comments.

October 12, 2015

Have the place this week 3 x played. Care very good condition, the greens toll maintained and interssant, especially the 2nd Nine offer wonderful views. The Secretariat is very friendly, 90 € for 2 GFs and buggy. Once the game was a bit slow, as group, but 2x played before us in good 3h. Can I at this season fully recommend.

No negative comments.

October 12, 2015

So, I can not confirm that as another reviewer. The place was not only the worst-su, an 8-day stay in the Gulf area. We had played Alhaurin, El Chaparral, Marbella Golf Country, Mijas Los Olivos, Lauro and Torrequelbrada. In front of us were four flights, all well Beginners nothing against beginners, we all had it even once, but this must have been a group, some with two tees and neat beer during the round, we have to wait on every tee time. After a short conversation with the Marshall, however, did not change anything, so we left after the twelfth hole the plant.

No negative comments.

August 31, 2015

Both layout and condition below average. If you still almost 5 hours to play in such a short space, then everyone can imagine what is happening there. Too many players obviously have no idea of ​​etiquette, what the overall impression rounds.

No negative comments.

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